Giveaway Promotion

We’re Amazon Giveaway experts.

Our Amazon Giveaway ecosystem engages with users across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, email, and mobile/browser apps.

Feature Your Giveaways

We’ll tell the world about your awesome giveaway, and help promote your products!

Basic Promotion – Free

  • Send us a link to your Amazon Giveaway via email, tweet, or FB message, and we’ll list it for you
  • Your giveaway may be published to highly engaged audiences across a variety of channels:
  • Free!

Email Spotlight – $50/day

  • Feature your brand and giveaway in our daily email
  • Include exclusive discount code with link to your store
  • Performance Report (CTR, OR, and CTO)

Email Exclusive – $500

  • Reach our highly-engaged email subscribers with a custom email promotion
  • Custom designed promo will include:
    • Your logo
    • 1-2 marketing images
    • Links to your Amazon products and store
    • Exclusive discount codes
    • Giveaway promotion
  • Performance Report (CTR, OR, and CTO)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

Facebook Boost – $50

  • Power up your giveaway with a custom post on our Facebook page
  • Encourage organic reach with secondary prize for likes and comments
  • Reach a customer audience you didn’t even know existed
  • We’ll award the secondary prize after your giveaway completes
  • Cost of secondary prize not included

Twitter Boost – $50

  • Reach our many engaged followers with a custom tweet on our Twitter feed
  • Reach 2nd/3rd level Twitter users with a “Retweet” secondary giveaway
  • We’ll award the secondary prize after your giveaway completes
  • Cost of secondary prize not included

Targeted Traffic Boost – Custom

  • Super charge your promotion with social network ad campaigns
  • We’ll design a custom ad for Facebook and drive highly targeted traffic
  • Paid traffic is a great way to find an audience that organic spread can’t reach
  • Starting at $100 per campaign, we’ll handle it all for you. Just tell us your advertising budget.