HP Reverb G2 Headset + Founder Edition VAIL VR

Giveaway from: Gleam


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  • Ends 01/18 @12:00 AM or when all prizes have been awarded.

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Attention! Are you bummed out that you didn't get a VR headset for the holidays? No problem! We're working with Microsoft to do this CRAZY VR Headset giveaway.... We will be giving each winner 2 (yes, you heard that right) custom engraved headsets to each winner so that you can give one to your friend and both play VR together! Along with the headsets, each winner will be getting a Founder Edition version of VAIL VR! This is a MASSIVE giveaway, so start you and a friends year off right by winning. Let's make VR the best thing of 2023 together! Prizes: -2x HP Reverb G2 Headsets, Laser Engraved with AEXLAB Logo + Colonist/Reyab Faction Logos -2x Founder Edition version of VAIL VR! We are very excited to be running this giveaway! 2 total winners will be chosen.