KrakenPower Horde Limited Gaming Build

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Happy Holidays! How do you feel about our new Kraken Gaming Laptop series? It's amazing right !! It's been ten months since we launched the new krakenPower Gaming PC series, and We really appreciate your support for the Kraken Gaming Series this year. For the Xmas & New year holiday promo, customers who purchased the below Kraken models: Kraken Gaming Laptop Series KrakenPower MSI DRAGON GAMING RTX3060 TI Gaming Build V7 KrakenPower Nidhogg Intel RTX3060 Gaming Build Refresh Edition KrakenPower Chrismas Special RX6600 Gaming Build Kraken Power Chrismas Special RTX3060 TI Gaming Build Links: Will have the chance to win: KrakenPower Horde Limited Gaming Build Links: Customers will be asked to provide the invoice number (example: BPCINV00XXXXXX) as a valid entry. The promo period starts today and ends on Jan 15th 2022. Take Care of Yourself, and we wish you and your family a safe & joyful holiday!