OPSIN DNVM1 Digital Night Vision Monocular

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WIN an OPSIN DNVM1 Digital Night Vision Monocular from Sionyx and RECOIL!
Product Description:
SKU: C013400
MSRP $2,595
Your tactical toolbox just stepped into the future. SIONYX brings innovation to the traditional night vision device market with the introduction of OPSIN -- a helmet-mounted, color digital night vision monocular.
Inspired by the U.S. DoD’s desire to integrate digital night vision into their surveillance and support low-light operations, OPSIN brings next-level innovation to the traditional night vision market with SIONYX’s most advanced commercially available Black Silicon sensor -- the XQE1350.
OPSIN enables users to see and record vivid color images and video, while observing targets of interest in moonless-starlight environments -- seeing well beyond human eyesight while remaining undetected. The color images increase operator efficiency with additional visual information, while reducing fatigue and training requirements.
Digital night vision brings a rich layer of detail to your night vision experience, compared to the legacy image intensification products. OPSIN’s technology delivers unmatched color low-light capability plus digital display, recording, and navigation features making operations more precise, efficient, and informative. Heightened visual detail and data collection inform tactical decisions and refine intelligence – advanced capabilities unavailable from traditional night vision.
The solid-state nature of the technology offers improved life span and stability, without the risk of tube degradation. OPSIN won’t be damaged if it’s exposed to bright light so it can be used during the day for training and drills.
Onboard recording enables you to document geo-location and record the situation as it unfolds for data and evidence collection, after-action review, and enhanced training capabilities. OPSIN’s external battery pack extends operation time to a full eight hours while providing helmet counterweight for comfort during long missions.
With a jurisdiction and classification of EAR 99, OPSIN is available globally, with minimal export restrictions. This monocular will change the way professional users operate in the dark.


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