Vansuny X4 500GB USB 3.1 SSD

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  • Ends 07/10 @12:00 AM or when all prizes have been awarded.

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July 4, 2022 by Vansuny   ​     Amazon Prime Day carnival is coming !!! So many price drop, large discount and giveaway, sweepstakes are on the way.   ​     Us Vansuny is running another amazing giveaway to gift 12 of lucky winners with 2 brand new 500GB SSD and 10 * 50% off large discount code of it. To enter in the $300 Vansuny X4 USB 3.1 SSD 430MB/s Giveaway, grab your free entries by following few simple steps listed down below!       Check the Vansuny X4 500GB SSD first here: ◆ 500GB large storage ◆ high reading speed 430MB/s ◆ USB 3.1 super fast transferring ◆ for PC, Laptop, Phones and More ◆ Aluminum alloy material ensures stability   Here in the summer now. Isn’t a reliable 500GB external SSD a good partner to help save your happy travelling time ? Let the sun shine and wheels roll.       Ended by: July 10, 2022 Winner picked at 12th July 2022   Prize: 2 * Vansuny X4 500GB USB 3.1 SSD 10 * 50% off Code for Vansuny X4 500GB USB 3.1 SSD Have a nice Summer Time. Best of Luck