Win a $60 Amazon Gift Voucher while checking out the new design of my book!

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Enter a draw for a $60 Amazon gift card to spend on whatever you want!

Enter by clicking on the new release of my book "Why You Canu2019t Catch a Rocket to Mars: Some Personal Reflections on Science and Society", which features: a re-developed full colour cover, updated text, and over 150 illustrations (70 of which are in colour in the eBook and audiobook). Click on the review link to review the book you get ten more entries into the draw! Then log in if prompted, leave a star rating, and enter a few words about what you think of the new cover design/book. (You don't have to write the review to be entered in the draw, but your review would be much appreciated, so I very much hope that after clicking you will choose to review the book.) Then click on the Bonus Entries to get even more entries to the draw! The winner can either be sent a $60 or u00a344 voucher, depending upon where you live and whether you use or


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