YETI 48 Wheeled Cooler and Yonder Water Bottle

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​Win a YETI 48 wheeled cooler and Yonder water bottle

  Acclaimed outdoor brand Yeti has launched a new product called the YETI Yonder Bottle. With the new Yonder, Yeti is offering up its first non-insulated bottle. It’s a new one for the brand best known for its line of insulated bottles and coolers, which we love. Yeti has worked hard for its reputation as the creator of some of the best and highest quality offerings in its class.
This product is geared to the hiking and biking set for day trip use in addition to those who frequent the gym or just want a water bottle for the office that will be with them for a long time.
Although it’s not insulated, the Yonder is super-durable, lightweight and made with the attention to detail and quality one expects from YETI. It’s actually engineered to basically be indestructible, so if you drop it while wandering along the edge of a cliff, be sure to head to the bottom to check. It might be ok.
What more could you want from a water bottle? Well, one that doesn’t leak is probably pretty high up on the list of essential features, and the Yonder is indeed 100 per cent leakproof. The opening offers a spout for quick sips or it opens up fully for refills and for washing. The cap’s triple haul handle allows the Yonder to be carried comfortably with three fingers, keeping water at the ready.

The Yeti 48 Wheeled Cooler

The Yeti 48 wheeler cooler is a high performing and durable option for camping and long treks.
One of the great features about this cooler is that it's virtually indestructible and it's well designed. The hinges will have an interlocking two-pin design that will prevent it from breaking and it's easy to open.
The cooler features a periscope handle and solid puncture-resistant tires that will come in handy when the cooler is loaded up and there is any serious terrain to cover. There are also tie-down slots so users can secure the cooler on a boat, or trailer. It is tall enough to accommodate a large wine bottle as well as a leak-proof drain plug.
The tires, which are a one-piece design and impact and puncture resistant as well as the periscope handle are ideal for lugging the cooler over a distance. For more information on these and other great YETI products check out the website here.


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